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Tusla Child and Family Agency. (2021) Tusla Child and Family Agency corporate plan 2021 – 2023. Dublin: Tusla.

PDF (Tusla corporate plan 2021 – 2023)

We respond to children, families, and communities across a range of help and support that a child and family may need. These responses are designed to ensure consistent and integrated pathways that are aimed to ensure, based on the child’s presenting needs, we provide the right response, at the right time in the right way. These response pathways are designed to ensure we intervene in a preventative and timely manner to effectively support the child and family’s presenting needs and enhance the family’s ability to meet those needs. Our goal is to always build on the family’s strengths utilising their own naturally connected family and community supports with the professional supports and services we offer. In this context, we also work together with other key agencies and partners to ensure a child and family receives an integrated multi-agency response. 

Tusla Child and Family Agency was established on 1st January 2014 under the Child and Family Agency Act 2013 and provides the following range of services: The Chair of the Board reports to the Minister for Children Equality Disability Integration and Youth (CEDIY) on the measures taken to achieve the Agency’s priorities and performance targets. The CEO is responsible to the Board for the performance of the Agency’s functions. Tusla is governed by a Board, which is responsible for establishing the Agency’s overall strategic direction and ensuring the implementation of the appropriate financial controls, operational and compliance controls, and risk management procedures. Our national approaches to practice ensure that responses are consistent across the country and embedded with the values and behaviours of our agency. We want our referral community to know that, based on whatever reason they refer a child to Tusla, we will make an informed, collaborative, and respectful decision about what will assist the child and their family. This can be a family support plan to help a child that has additional needs, a safety plan where we are worried that a child has been harmed or a care plan where a child requires a period of out of home care and support. Tusla also provides educational supports, DSGBV supports and therapeutic supports across this range of need and our regulatory services work to ensure that the services are safe and happy places for children and young people to play, learn and develop.

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