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Child Care Law Reporting Project. (2021) Child Care Law Reporting Project. Case reports 2021 volume 1. Dublin: Child Care Law Reporting Project.

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Reporters from the CCLRP attend cases in District Courts around the country selected on a random basis, and cases in the High Court involving children in secure care. Given the nature of some of the cases, which can go on for many months with multiple adjournments, not all case reports published below are complete, but rather reflect what happened in court on that day. We publish below the latest volume of such reports.


  1. No special residential placement available for very young child considered a danger to mother and siblings
  2. In-patient psychiatric bed sought for boy with “significant and immediate” mental health issues; remains at home with supports
  3. Application to detain child under Mental Health Act withdrawn
  4. Emergency care order following mother’s mental health relapse
  5. Interim care orders extended amid concerns for mother’s mental health
  6. Interim care order for four young children amid fears of mother’s partner
  7. 12-day interim care order granted amid serious domestic violence concerns, then replaced by supervision order
  8. Extension of interim care order where domestic violence a live issue
  9. Interim care order granted amid domestic violence and drug concerns
  10. Full care order amid concerns about ongoing domestic violence
  11. Interim care and supervision orders granted, history of domestic violence and substance abuse
  12. Search continues for unaccompanied minor missing in care
  13. Care orders for unaccompanied minors with no identifying documentation
  14. Supervision orders for two non-national children where both parents had been hospitalised
  15. Interim care order extended for unaccompanied child seeking aftercare
  16. Interim care order extended for unaccompanied minor
  17. Interim care order extended for girl who travelled alone to state
  18. Court declares UK to be children’s habitual residence, makes orders under Hague Convention
  19. Interim care order refused, supervision order made, where father’s previous sex abuse convictions revealed
  20. Advocate to be appointed for father amid historic sex abuse allegations
  21. District Court convicts woman for publishing material identifying a child in care
  22. Court directs CFA to notify HIQA of failure of private residential unit to inform agency of child’s suicidal ideation
  23. Blanket ban on access to young baby during lockdown questioned
  24. Supervision order discharged following reunification of mother and baby
  25. Aftercare review reports very positive outcome for boy 11 years in care
  26. Boy who left relative foster care seeks to speak to judge
  27. Infant in CFA care sustains an unexplained leg fracture
  28. Case review hears of placement breakdowns
  29. Interim care order granted amid allegations of physical and emotional abuse
  30. Interim care order granted; drugs misuse and sexual abuse alleged
  31. Care orders for two children due to mother’s addiction and lack of engagement with services
  32. Interim care orders for three young boys, mother fails to attend hearing
  33. Full care order for toddler whose parents homeless and suffered addiction
  34. Interim care order extended for child who does not want contact with mother
  35. Interim care orders extended because of drug use
  36. Relative foster carers oppose discharge of care order for twins where alternative of guardianship suggested
  37. Orders for baptism made for two pre-school children
  38. Interim care order following allegations of neglect and substance abuse
  39. Overnight visits to mother directed following care order review
  40. Interim care order for baby in hospital since birth
  41. Care order and interim care orders extended where emotional abuse alleged
  42. Interim care order granted for brothers in voluntary care since 2011
  43. Interim care extended for two young children, access reduced
  44. Interim care order extended following placement breakdown due to CFA errors
  45. Interim care order extended where residential placement sought
  46. Interim care order extended following child abuse allegations
  47. Voluntary care arrangement replaces interim care order application
  48. Three-year care order for young child granted in rural town
  49. Supervision order granted, another reviewed
  50. Interim care orders extended amid concerns about child’s safety in care
  51. Interim care orders extended in provincial towns
  52. Supervision order reviewed where children not attending school
  53. Hearing adjourned to allow mother rehabilitate from addiction

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