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Krotulski, Alex and Papsun, Donna and Mata, Dani and Ellefsen, Kayla and Shoff, Elisa and Shanks, Kevin and Sofalvi, Szabolcs and Kacinko, Sherri and Lewallen, Wayne and Vikingsson, Svante and Logan, Barry (2021) Recommended scope for NPS testing in the United States. Based on trends observed in Q1 2021. Arizona: Society of Forensic Toxicologists.

PDF (Recommended scope for NPS testing in the United States)

The novel psychoactive substance (NPS) landscape is changing rapidly, requiring laboratories to constantly remain abreast of new and emerging drugs locally, nationally, and internationally. To meet individualized needs, laboratories amend existing methods or develop new ones for detection and confirmation. This can be challenging for scientists as information about NPS detections can be regionalized and/or out-of-date, making it difficult to determine which drugs should be prioritized at a given time. NPS Discoveryand the SOFT Designer Drugs Committeehave established the recommendations for NPS scope based on information from extensive collaborations, partnerships, and initiatives which yield national perspectives. Suggested cut-off concentrations or reporting limits (in ng/mL) are listed for each NPS. These values were categorized (i.e., <1, 1-10, and >10 ng/mL) and determined based on currently available quantitative data and/or comparison to structurally similar NPS within the given sub-class

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