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Alcohol Action Ireland. [Alcohol Action Ireland] Supporting children and families in Ireland. (26 Apr 2021)

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Although we do not provide services, as the national advocate for reducing alcohol harm, we believe that given the hugely troubling effects of alcohol on family life, there is much to be said about what kind of services are offered to children and families who need support, and how they are monitored and evaluated.

As so well demonstrated by the recently published Alcohol Overview Report from the Health Research Board, alcohol harm affects many aspects of life in Ireland and so has implications for multiple services and supports. More than half of Irish drinkers are classified as hazardous drinkers and at least 200,000 children in Ireland are currently living in homes where there is parental problem alcohol use.

The science of early childhood development tells us that relationships young children experience with adult caregivers influence lifelong learning, behaviour, and physical and mental health—for better or for worse. In order to address the needs of the thousands of  children living with alcohol harm in the home, there is a real need to develop properly resourced supports for such children.

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