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Morris, James (2024) The alcohol 'problem' podcast.

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The Alcohol Problem Podcast aims to explore the nature of problem drinking with Dr James Morris and a range of guests.

Series 2

Episode 9: What is alcohol treatment? With Dr Luke Mitcheson & Dr Mike Kelleher, April 08, 2024

Episode 8: In conversation with Millie Gooch, February 13, 2024

Episode 7: In conversation with Joe Heeney, October 28, 2023

Episode 6: Evaluating the Huberman Lab alcohol episode, July 10, 2023

Episode 5: Alcoholics Anonymous: what is it, how does it work?, March 29, 2023

Episode 4: Dry January & temporary abstinence: is it worth it? With Prof. Matt Field, December 20, 2022

Episode 3: Drinking behaviour, risks and causes with Professor Tony Moss, November 18, 2022

Episode 2: In conversation with Jon Ashworth MP, September 07, 2022

Episode 1: Alcohol, addiction and the brain with Dr Marc Lewis, July 07, 2022

Series 1

Episode 1: Drinkers like us. In conversation with Adrian Chiles

Episode 2: the science of hangovers with Dr Sally Adams

Episode 3: Alcoholics Anonymous and spirituality in recovery with Wendy Dossett

Episode 4: Lockdown drinkers? Covid-19 and alcohol use

Episode 5: Youth drinking in decline with Dr Melissa Oldham

Episode 6: In conversation with Chelsey Flood

Episode 7: Alcohol risk, guidelines and messaging with Tom Chivers & Colin Angus

Episode 8: Alcohol and older adults with Dr Sarah Wadd & John Slater

Episode 9: Labelling & language in mental health & alcohol with Dr Lucy Foulkes

Episode 10: What is Alcohol Use Disorder? Concepts and measurement with Dr Cassie Boness

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