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Red C. (2021) WIN World Health Survey – Headlines Ireland. Dublin: Red C.

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WIN International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, of which RED C Research is the Irish member, has published the next release from the Annual WIN World Survey (WWS – 2020) exploring the views and beliefs of 26,757 people from 32 countries across the globe about the pandemic.  This survey release analyzes views and opinions related to the perception of health and habits of citizens.

  1. Annual Survey Shows Growing Health Inequality Between Social Groups in Ireland.
  2. Ireland’s youth see high levels of stress when compared to the global and EU average.
  3. Ireland Has Second-Highest Rate of Regular Alcohol Consumption Among 34 Countries


Irish health habits

  • The shutdown of pubs has little impact on alcohol consumption in Ireland, which remains significantly above the world average, with increases seen for younger age groups and those living outside of Dublin.
  • Just under a third (31%) of all adults say that they regularly drink alcohol, only a marginal 2% decrease from last year despite the global pandemic. This gives Ireland the second highest rate of alcohol consumption among the 34 countries surveyed, behind only Japan and slightly ahead of the UK. Men in Ireland are more than twice as likely to say they regularly drink as women (42% vs 20%).


Smoking and Drinking

  1. Overall, 17% of the global population smokes regularly, while 15% drinks alcohol regularly. These figures are not significantly different from last year’s figures.
  2. Overall, men smoke and drink considerably more than women (smoking: 22% vs. 11%, and drinking: 20% vs. 11%).
  3. Citizens in MENA region smoke more frequently (34%), while citizens in Africa smoke much less (4%). Palestine (36%), Lebanon (28%) and Serbia (28%) are the countries with the highest number of smokers. On the other hand, Nigeria (4%), Peru (5%) and Paraguay (5%) are the countries with least smokers.
  4. In Europe (20%) and APAC (16%) we find the most recurrent alcohol drinkers, the opposite of the habits in the MENA (4%) region. Japan (45%), Ireland (32%) and Great Britain (30%) have the highest percentages of drinkers, while Palestine (1%), Indonesia (3%) and Peru (4%) show the lowest rates.

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