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Keane, Marcus and Dąbkowska, M and Duffin, Tony and Scharwey, M (2021) Decriminalisation: insights for advocates. Dublin: Ana Liffey Drug Project.

PDF (Decriminalisation insights for advocates)

This paper provides some key insights from this event, and from conversations which followed it, with largely the same group of advocates. At its core, this paper has a peer-to-peer focus. The target audience is primarily people who are advocating for decriminalisation in their own jurisdictions, or who are considering doing so. Public health, community safety and criminal justice stakeholders more generally may also find it of interest. The aim is to provide insights from ‘in the field’, sharing the views and experiences of people actively working on advocacy projects related to decriminalisation. It does not purport to be a full or academic treatment of the issue – rather, it is intended to provide insights that can help advocates frame and focus their work.

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