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Child Care Law Reporting Project. (2021) Child Care Law Reporting Project. Case reports 2020 volume 2. Dublin: Child Care Law Reporting Project.

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Reporters from the CCLRP attend cases in District Courts around the country selected on a random basis, and cases in the High Court involving children in secure care. Given the nature of some of the cases, which can go on for many months with multiple adjournments, not all case reports published below are complete, but rather reflect what happened in court on that day. We publish below the latest volume of such reports.


  1. District Court refuses to order face-to-face access following its suspension during Level 5 Covid restrictions
  2. Interim care order for child admitted to intensive care with severe infection
  3. Interim care orders for two children following hospitalisation of one for headlice infestation
  4. Parents concerned at reduction of access due to Covid-19
  5. In “disturbing” case, High Court refuses wardship for young person leaving secure care
  6. Wardship application for young woman who “fell between child care and mental health regimes”
  7. Full care order for child leaving secure care
  8. Mother asks court to ensure child gets appropriate accommodation on release from prison
  9. Interim care order extended for child removed from care in Northern Ireland
  10. Full care order for young child of UK nationals
  11. Case of baby transferred back to Northern Ireland
  12. Interim care order for unaccompanied minor extended in virtual hearing
  13. Six-month extension of interim care order for migrant teenager abandoned by uncle
  14. Care order for former unaccompanied minor
  15. Interim care order extended amid concerns about attempts to remove Roma children from placement
  16. Interim care orders for Traveller children extended
  17. Care orders for Traveller children of parents who had been in care
  18. Full care order granted for baby whose mother unable to consent due to mental health difficulties
  19. Emergency care order where mother detained under Mental Health Act
  20. Care order for baby born on the street
  21. Care orders extended for three young children – judge impressed by “huge progress” made by mother
  22. Six-month care order granted for very young baby in care since birth, mother had intellectual difficulties
  23. Full care order for young child with special needs, mother has a mild intellectual disability
  24. Advocate required for vulnerable mother
  25. Judge stresses importance of disability supports for mother
  26. Full care orders for three children on grounds of sex abuse, neglect
  27. Emergency care orders when young child left at home alone
  28. Interim care orders made amid allegations of neglect and alcohol abuse
  29. Full care order to age 18 for teenage boy who “just wanted to be put first” by parents
  30. Care order granted because of alcohol, drugs and domestic violence
  31. Care orders for two children, mother homeless with addiction issues
  32. Care order till 18 for children whose parents have addiction problems
  33. Interim care order for four children amid domestic violence allegations
  34. One-year care order granted for young child suffering emotional abuse and neglect
  35. Three-month supervision order for three children who suffered serious neglect
  36. Application for care order adjourned, insufficient proof of neglect to reach the required threshold
  37. Care order for baby whose mother left country
  38. Full care order made for child to stay with older siblings in stepfather’s care
  39. Eight foster placements and no social worker allocated
  40. Care order discharged to facilitate family reunification
  41. Full care order granted for a pre-school age child in foster care since a baby
  42. One-year care orders for two young children, mother not to attend at their school
  43. Consensus reached on a venue for mother’s access visits with three children
  44. Court grants 12-month care order for child, orders home tuition as soon as possible
  45. Care review finds two siblings in different placements have complex individual needs
  46. Full care order for 12 months following unexplained non-accidental injury
  47. District Court approves aftercare plan
  48. Costs of private solicitor denied

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