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Marine Casualty Investigation Board. (2020) Marine Casualty Investigation Board annual report 2019. Dublin: Marine Casualty Investigation Board.

PDF (Marine Casualty Investigation Board 2019)

During 2019 the MCIB commenced full investigations into ten marine casualties which was double the number investigated in 2018. In 2019 a total of six people lost their lives in the marine casualties under investigation while one person involved in a rowing incident at Thomandgate, Co Limerick was left with life changing injuries.

Regrettably, as in previous years I must comment on incidents where toxicology results supplied by the Coroner’s Office reflected evidence of alcohol. While it is not always possible to definitively determine the exact cause of an incident the Board published two reports in 2019 where alcohol could have impaired the judgement and reaction times of the Casualties. Such impairment has a detrimental effect on most people's ability to deal with the unexpected. No member of a crew should consume alcohol or other intoxicants either prior to or during any trip on water. In the event of the unexpected, which can develop into a serious situation very quickly, the ability to think quickly and calmly can be the difference between life and death

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