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Merchants Quay Ireland. (2020) Merchants Quay Ireland annual review 2019. Dublin: Merchants Quay Ireland.

PDF (Merchants Quay Ireland)

Merchants Quay’s clients are the visible face of homelessness; people for whom homelessness means daily exposure to weather conditions, inadequate clothing, poor nutrition. Often this is compounded by addiction to drugs or alcohol and mental health issues. While clients gain respite from the streets, our service is so much more than a hot meal. It is the very foundation of all our ancillary services, where staff build trusting, empathic and respectful relationships with our clients, allowing them to support the client in exploring and seeking assistance in addressing their issues and needs. 

Unfortunately, drug and alcohol problems are commonly experienced. However, people can and do recover and go on to live full and active lives if they can access the support they need when they need it – yet there’s an urgent need for further investment in accessible residential and community detox services.

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