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Alcohol Action Ireland. (2020) Operation Encompass Ireland. Dublin: Alcohol Action Ireland.

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PDF (Alcohol Action - Operation Encompass proposal)

Operation Encompass is a police led, school based early intervention safeguarding scheme which supports children and young people who experience Domestic Abuse. It is established in 40 police forces in England and Wales and in Police Scotland.

Operation Encompass was created to ensure that by the start of the next school day a child’s school will be informed that there has been a police attended incident of domestic abuse incident at the home of the child. This knowledge, given to the school’s trained Key Adult allows the provision of immediate early intervention through overt or silent support, dependent upon the needs and wishes of the child. This information is shared by the police directly with the school, it involves all incidents of Domestic Abuse and is shared prior to the start of the next school day. Key Adults, (Designated Safeguarding Leads) have been identified within schools and specific training is provided in how to deal with the ‘raw, sensitive and dynamic information’ given by Operation Encompass. This training refers to the identification of the signs and symptoms of a child or young person suffering from Domestic Abuse, the implications of this trauma and how best to support these children and young people.

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