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[Alcohol Action Ireland] Placing restrictions now on alcohol sales is a prudent act. (07 Oct 2020)

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Alcohol Action Ireland, the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, notes the commentary emanating from government sources that restrictions are being considered on the sale of alcohol in the Off-Trade retail landscape. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Alcohol Action has consistently highlighted, to government, the difficulties arising throughout society because of the exceptional level of cheap alcohol pouring into people’s homes. In April, we reported 44% increase in sales, in May we highlighted 70% increases, in June 93%,  in July 76%, and a further 44% in August.

Many public figures continue to emphasise the need for personal responsibility in tackling the spread of the virus yet remain silent about the ‘elephant in the room’ that is our unfettered use of alcohol and its contribution to spreading the virus. Alcohol use and our capacity to adhere to public health COVID guidelines are difficult bedfellows. Fundamentally, alcohol use impairs judgement, lower inhibitions and reduces reaction time; coordination, balance, perception and self-control are all affected......

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