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Eurostat. (2019) Ageing Europe - 2019 edition. Looking at the lives of older people in the EU. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

PDF (Ageing Europe - 2019)

Ageing Europe — looking at the lives of older people in the EU’ provides a broad range of statistics that describe the everyday lives of the European Union’s (EU) older generations. Figures covering the total population do not always reveal the full and sometimes complex picture of what is happening at a more detailed level within society. Looking at various socioeconomic statistics by age promotes a better understanding of intergenerational differences and also allows us to draw a detailed picture of the daily lives of older people across the EU. Population ageing is a phenomenon that affects almost every developed country in the world, with both the number and proportion of older people growing across the globe. This transformation is likely to have a considerable impact on most aspects of society and the economy, including housing, healthcare and social protection, labour markets, the demand for goods and services, macroeconomic and fiscal sustainability, family structures and intergenerational ties. 

P.56 Healthy lifestyles among older people - Viewed in a broad context, health is more than just the absence of disease. Individuals can take responsibility for their own health by making a number of lifestyle choices — through action on smoking, diet, exercise or alcohol consumption — to impact on the risk of disease...

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October 2019
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