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Eurostat. (2020) The EU in the world - 2020 edition. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.

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This publication, published every second year, provides a statistical portrait of the European Union (EU) in relation to the rest of the world. It presents a broad range of indicators for the EU and the non-EU members of the Group of Twenty (G20). It is structured into three parts: people and society — population, health, education and training, labour market, living conditions, as well as digital society; economy and business— economy and finance, international trade, business, as well as research and development; environment and natural resources— transport, energy, environment, as well as agriculture, forestry and fisheries. 

P.36 Non-medical health determinants. Figures 2.8 to 2.10 provide information on three non-medical health determinants, namely alcohol consumption, smoking and being overweight. The highest annual alcohol consumption in 2016 among G20 members was recorded for Russia (11.7 litres of alcohol per inhabitant aged 15 years and over), the United Kingdom (11.5 litres) and the EU-27 (11.3 litres). They were closely followed by Australia, South Korea, Argentina and the United States with annual alcohol consumption in the range of 9.8-10.6 litres per inhabitant. Relatively low average levels of alcohol consumption were recorded for India and Turkey, while the lowest levels were recorded in Indonesia (0.8 litres) and Saudi Arabia (0.2 litres); these low levels are influenced, to a large degree, by predominant religious beliefs in these countries. In all G20 members the average alcohol consumption in 2016 was greater among men than among women. In relative terms, the widest gender gap was recorded in Turkey where the average consumption by men was 9.3 times as high as that by women. The narrowest gender differences were recorded for Russia and Saudi Arabia where men on average men consumed about three times as much alcohol as women.

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