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Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce. (2020) Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce: one year report. Edinburgh: Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce.

PDF (Scottish Drug Deaths Taskforce: one year report)


It is a year since the Ministerial Drug Deaths Taskforce was formed. The reason for the Taskforce was clear, the shocking escalation in the rise of drug related deaths over the last five years required urgent attention. The pain of loss being suffered by families and within communities was, and is, palpable. Urgent and sustained action was required to prevent this unnecessary loss.

The Taskforce approach has been one of evidence into action. Year one was our Evidence Review and Immediate Response Phase. We initiated an immediate response consultation to capture the views of the wider community. There was areas where the evidence was already known and clear. From this we developed our six evidence based strategies that was shared with local areas to provide a framework for their local response. For example the distribution of naloxone, the need for rapid access to good quality treatment and the importance of rapid out-reach to people who experience a non-fatal overdose.

There are gaps in evidence that we seek to fill through a research fund and new approaches to address the multiple and complex needs of some people, that we feel are part of the unique Scottish context. This is being addressed through an innovation fund. Year Two of the Taskforce will be the Action and Review Phase when work implemented in phase one will progress with ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

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