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Frontline Make Change. (2020) Frontline Make Change annual report 2019. Dublin: Frontline Make Change.

PDF (Frontline 2019)

Frontline Make Change is a trading name of Inchicore Community Drug Team.

Frontline Make Change is a value driven organisation. We are committed to change, quality, honesty, innovation and integrity. These strong values are at the heart of all we do, because we believe in people’s capacity to change.

We believe in making an impact that not only improves the health of the individual, but has a lasting positive impact on the wellbeing of their families, friends and the communities in which they live. People who use our services are not just people with drug and alcohol problems, they are partners, fathers, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, children, brothers, friends, work colleagues and carers.

July 2020
19 p.
Frontline Make Change
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Frontline Make Change
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