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Irish Prison Service. (2020) IPS family information booklet. Longford: Irish Prison Service.

PDF (IPS family information booklet) - Published Version

This booklet outlines the measures we have taken to protect the people in our custody and the changes which you can expect to hear about and perhaps see when you re-enter the prison for a visit.


Will there be security screening? Pg. 9

Yes, security screening will be in full operation for visitors entering our closed prisons. Airport-style walk-through detectors and X-ray scanners are installed in each closed prison. The Canine Unit may be there also with their sniffer or drug dogs. The Irish Prison Service has enhanced the fight against drug-trafficking by the introduction of airport-style swabbing for drug residues. Drug-swabbing machines will be present and all visitors will be tested before they may enter the visiting room.


Overdose Warning pg. 10

Drug overdose is now the main threat facing your loved ones in prison. We need your help to keep them safe. During the past few weeks your loved one may have stopped using or reduced their drug use. As a result they will have lower tolerance levels. There is a huge risk of them overdosing if they start using again.

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