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International Society of Substance Use Professionals. (2020) Supporting the families of substance users. London: ISSUP.

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ISSUP Expert Days Event: 'Supporting the Families of Substance Users - An Interview with Vivienne Evans OBE'. Vivienne Evans OBE is the Chief Executive of Adfam and has extensive background experience in drug and alcohol education, prevention and working with young people. She is a former member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) and chaired its working group on the implementation of Hidden Harm. She also chaired the Drug Sector Skills Consortium, funded by the Department of Health, from 2012 until its conclusion in 2015.

In this Q&A event, Vivienne joins the ISSUP team to discuss how practitioners can offer effective support to enable families to improve their health and well being, stay in work, participate in society and build and maintain positive relationships. Recorded: Friday 24 April 2020 [Youtube - 53.37 minutes]

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