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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, eIntegrity. (2020) Online courses on COVID-19.

1. London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine course:


  • How COVID-19 emerged and was identified
  • How COVID-19 spreads
  • Public health measures for COVID-19 worldwide
  • What is needed to address COVID-19 going forward

This Future Learn course is provided for personal use only and not for any commercial, professional medical or business purpose. All content and opinions presented throughout this course are for educational purposes only and do not constitute the provision of professional medical or public health advice. You should not rely on the content of this course or other learners in place of professional advice from a regulated medical professional. If you have any concerns about a particular health condition or COVID-19, please seek the most current medical and/or public health advice from a qualified medical practitioner.

2. eIntegrity: The Coronavirus e-learning programme

To support healthcare professionals during the current crisis, eIntegrity (healthcare e-learning) have made available the Coronavirus e-Learning Programme free of charge. This programme brings together quality-assured content from Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare, NHS England and NHS Improvement, and the World Health Organization (WHO). The programme is suitable for doctors, nurses, consultants, healthcare assistants, midwives and other allied healthcare professionals, including those who are returning to the workforce to help during the current crisis. You can access the content online – enabling you to refresh and extend your knowledge on critical themes.

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