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Higher Ground Harm Reduction, Reynolds Health Strategies, Harm Reduction Coalition, Vital Strategies. (2020) US: COVID-19 guidance for people who use drugs and harm reduction programs. New York: Harm Reduction Coalition.

PDF (Covid-19 harm reduction providers) - Published Version
PDF (Covid-19 safer drug use) - Published Version

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Safer Drug Use During the COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19, an illness caused by a newly identified type of coronavirus, can cause a respiratory infection and lead to health problems. It’s usually mild and most people recover quickly if they have it, but it can be very serious for people with stressed immune systems or underlying conditions or older adults, so it’s important to stay informed.

It’s always good to be prepared and knowing what to do will help you. Even if you don’t see a widespread COVID-19 outbreak in your area, the hand-washing and other prevention actions described here are good practices for fighting off bugs like the cold or the flu.

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