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Hamilton, Ian (2020) Covid-19—are we rationing who we care about? thebmjopinion,

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Viruses are great levellers—so it is with covid-19, which has no regard for social status or affluence. We are all at risk, although some groups, such as older people and particularly those with comorbidities, are thought to be more vulnerable to the impact of the virus. However, there are other groups we risk forgetting about, such as people sleeping rough, intravenous drug users, and those dependent on drugs, who are also likely to be more vulnerable to the effects of this virus. While these groups should not be lumped together, there is some overlap between them as people who use drugs are seven times more likely to be homeless.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that these groups have so far been ignored in government communications. Despite rising numbers of homelessness and drug related deaths, these issues haven’t been given the attention or investment they deserve. These groups have little voice and few advocates, so can be ignored without risking a public backlash or compromising political popularity. .......


See also, from US NIDA - COVID-19: Potential implications for individuals with substance use disorders

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