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Ana Liffey Drug Project. (2019) Ana Liffey Drug Project annual report 2018. Dublin: Ana Liffey Drug Project.

PDF (Ana Liffey Drug Project 2019)

The Ana Liffey Drug Project is a national addiction service with a ‘Low Threshold – Harm Reduction’ ethos. We provide direct services to people who use drugs in the Dublin, Mid West and North East Regions of Ireland. We also play an active role in drug policy, advocating for policy choices which will improve the lives of people who use our services.


In 2018, we delivered direct services in the Midwest and Dublin Regions, where we have a number of teams operating. Aside from service delivery, we continued to advocate for drug policies that will make a difference in the lives of people who access our services, collaborating with partners at home and abroad. The CEO’s report covers key numbers in relation to service delivery. September 2018 saw the winding down of the ‘Online and Digital Services’ Team at Ana Liffey. The team managed the website which had 1,754,779 visits to September 2018. During this period, the team also received 809 calls through the Live Helper chat service. We are very proud of this work over the many years we delivered the service, and all during a period of significant innovation in the online environment when, for example, social media was in its infancy and online tools were being developed.

December 2019
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