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[Oireachtas] Gaming and Lotteries (Amendment) Bill 2019 [Seanad]: report and final stages. (04 Dec 2019)

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Deputy Thomas Byrne: As Deputy Rabbitte and others have said, it is also important to think about the addiction element of gambling. It is an unspoken addiction. Each of us would know recovering alcoholics or people in the media who have other addictions. Those are high profile. Gambling addicts, however, do not have a high profile. They do not have lobbyists speaking on their behalf and running to Deputies when there is a problem. Gambling addicts are sitting at home and may be watching this debate. I am sure they would not have a problem with people enjoying community bingo or minor gambling. Their interest, however, must be recognised in this debate, and it is important that we think of people who have had problems with gambling. When we bring through gambling legislation, the needs of problem gamblers must be part of the equation, along with the experiences of recovered gambling addicts.


There is much to stew over in this debate. The clarity given by the Minster of State will be very important. Many people will be listening to it. It is good that this Dáil can recognise a lobbying campaign for what it is and still proceed in a careful and considered manner in the processing of legislation in the national and public interest with an independent mind.


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