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National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. (2019) Cannabis-based medicinal products. London: NICE. 27 p. NICE guideline [NG144]

PDF (Cannabis-based medicinal products)

URL: https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/NG144

This guideline covers prescribing of cannabis-based medicinal products for people with intractable nausea and vomiting, chronic pain, spasticity and severe treatment-resistant epilepsy.



This guideline includes recommendations on:

 Products covered by the guideline include:

  • cannabis-based products for medicinal use as set out by the UK Government in the 2018 Regulations
  • the licensed products delta-9-tetrahydrocannibinol combined with cannabidiol (Sativex) and nabilone
  • plant-derived cannabinoids such as pure cannabidiol (CBD)
  • synthetic compounds which are identical in structure to naturally occurring cannabinoids such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), for example, dronabinol.
Item Type:Evidence resource
Publication Type:Review
Drug Type:Cannabis
Intervention Type:AOD disorder, AOD disorder drug therapy, AOD disorder harm reduction
Date:November 2019
Pages:27 p.
Corporate Creators:National Institute for Health and Care Excellence
Place of Publication:London
Subjects:B Substances > Cannabis product (synthetic cannabinoids)
E Concepts in biomedical areas > Substance by legal status > Prescription drug (medicine / medication)
G Health and disease > State of health
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Health care delivery
VA Geographic area > Europe > United Kingdom

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