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Oberstown Children Detention Campus. (2019) Key characteristics of young people in detention: a snapshot (Q1, 2019). Dublin: Oberstown Children Detention Campus.

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The data presented here provides an overview of the characteristics of young people in detention during the first quarter of 2019. The information is derived from a set of questions answered by reviewing the files of each young person in detention in the Oberstown Children Detention Campus from January 1 to March 31, 2019. As well as offering insights into offending and sentencing, the data highlights the level of adversity and trauma young people have experienced, including neglect and abuse, high levels of substance misuse and disengagement with the education system. It also demonstrates the multiple overlapping risks and needs young people in detention have, and the many professionals and services they have been involved with. By publishing this data it is hoped that stakeholders, politicians, media, researchers – and indeed the general public, are better informed about the characteristics of young people detained by the courts.

71% of young people were considered to have substance misuse problems.
Of the young people on campus, 53 had substance misuse problems.
Of the 53 young people who had drug and/or alcohol problems:
• 24 were identified as having a mental health problem.
• 18 were in care or had significant involvement with Tusla.
• 10 had self-harm concerns

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