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Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group. (2019) Public attitudes to drugs in the UK 2019. Is the UK ready for drug policy reform? London: CDPRG. 22 p.

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The Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group (CDPRG) recognizes the damage drugs can do to individuals, families and communities and understands their dangers, which is why as a policy forum we seek to promote informed debate on drug policy reform. Wanting to understand public perceptions of drug policy, the CDPRG commissioned YouGov to run a poll looking at public attitudes. With a highly charged debate in the UK on drug policy, it’s vital to know what the public thinks about drugs and want to see from drug policy. This research makes a contribution to the debate by examining public attitudes towards three main areas relating to drug policy: medical cannabis, cannabis for adult recreational use, and attitudes to wider drug policy in the UK.

Item Type:Evidence resource
Drug Type:Cannabis
Intervention Type:AOD disorder harm reduction
Date:September 2019
Pages:22 p.
Corporate Creators:Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group
Place of Publication:London
Subjects:B Substances > Cannabis / Marijuana
B Substances > Cannabis product (synthetic cannabinoids)
F Concepts in psychology > Attitude and behaviour > Attitude toward substance use
G Health and disease > State of health
MA-ML Social science, culture and community > Sociocultural aspects of substance use > Societal attitude toward substance use
MP-MR Policy, planning, economics, work and social services > Policy > Policy on substance use > Drug decriminalisation or legalisation
VA Geographic area > Europe > United Kingdom

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