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Prison Reform Trust. (2019) Prison: the facts. London: Prison Reform Trust. 16 p.

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Facts and figures provide a better basis than opinion for policy and practice change. Drawn largely from government sources, these facts chart the extraordinary rise in prison numbers over the last twenty years, inflation in sentencing and the social and economic consequences of overuse of custody. They reveal the state of our overcrowded prisons and the state of people in them, the impact of deep budget cuts, the pace and scale of change in the justice system and the scope for community solutions to crime.

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Publication Type:Report
Drug Type:Alcohol or other drugs in general
Intervention Type:AOD disorder harm reduction
Date:June 2019
Pages:16 p.
Publisher:Prison Reform Trust
Corporate Creators:Prison Reform Trust
Place of Publication:London
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Subjects:G Health and disease > State of health > Mental health
G Health and disease > Substance use disorder > Drug use
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Health care programme or facility > Prison-based health service
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