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Practitioner Health Matters Programme. (2019) Practitioner Health Matters Programme annual report 2018. Dublin: Practitioner Health.

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Since its launch in September 2015 and up to the end of 2018, a total of 185 practitioner patients across the medical, dental and pharmacy professions have been supported by the service. We recognise that practitioners can find it difficult to declare they have a problem and often delay in seeking help. This can result in problems being more severe and more entrenched at the time of presentation. Because PHMP is a programme designed specifically for health professionals, we can focus solely on the necessary strategies which will support the practitioner in getting back to full health and getting back to safe working again. Any practitioner can self-refer to have an assessment regarding any issue which may be troubling them. The most common issues presenting are anxiety and stress, mental health difficulties or alcohol and prescription drug misuse problems.

Date:May 2019
Pages:15 p.
Publisher:Practitioner Health
Corporate Creators:Practitioner Health Matters Programme
Place of Publication:Dublin
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Subjects:J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Care by type of problem > Mental health care
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