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Spillane, Ailbhe and Matvienko-Sikar, Karen and Larkin, Celine and Corcoran, Paul and Arensman, Ella (2019) How suicide-bereaved family members experience the inquest process: a qualitative study using thematic analysis. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being , 14 , (1) .

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Purpose: Suicide bereavement confers unique risk and distress. In several countries, bereaved family members are called on to attend an inquest, an official public inquiry into deaths caused by external factors. The current study aimed to explore how suicide-bereaved family members (n = 18) experienced the inquest process, through qualitative semi-structured interviews.


Method: Participants were identified via coroner’s records and had previously taken part in a case-control study.


Results: Qualitative findings indicated four overall themes with respect to family members’ experiences of the inquest process: “inquest as fearfully unknown”, “structural processes of the inquest”, “enduring public and private pain to obtain answers” and “gaining answers and making sense”. Most family members experienced distress and fear as a result of several elements of the inquest process. Some participants had positive experiences but these did not outweigh the distress experienced by the majority of family members regarding their overall experience of the inquest process.


Conclusions: Key recommendations include informing family members of the main aspects and purpose of the inquest process beforehand, adapting the process to maximise the privacy and comfort of the bereaved relatives, and restricting graphic evidence being heard, where possible, to minimise distress experienced by family members

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