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Turner, Niall and Donoghue, Orna and Kenny, Rose Anne, eds. (2018) Wellbeing and health in Ireland’s over 50s 2009-2016. Dublin: Trinity College Dublin.

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Wave 4 underscores the benefits of social engagement, supportive friendships, volunteering and membership of organisations, on health and wellbeing. Quality of life continues to improve with age before gradually declining after age 68. Policies which enhance social engagement should enhance quality of life. Changes in cognitive health are minimal over the average follow-up of six years while timely and appropriate interventions can help delay, avoid or reverse the onset of frailty. Modifying health behaviours such as stopping smoking, reducing alcohol consumption and increasing physical activity can also help to improve both physical and mental health. Recent changes in healthcare policies and provision are reflected in health care access and utilisation.

See pages 100 – 102 for detail on smoking and alcohol
Table 6.7: Smoking status at Wave 1 to Wave 4, by age group p.114
Table 6.8: Problem alcohol use at Wave 1 to Wave 4, by age group p.115
Figure 6.12: Prevalence of problematic alcohol use from Waves 1 to 4, by sex and age group p.102

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