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Rochford, Sarah and Morgan, Mark and Quinn, Dearbhla and Farren, Niamh (2018) Youth mental health in Ireland and Northern Ireland. An AcCESs evidence report. Dublin: Centre for Effective Services.

PDF (Youth Mental Health in Ireland and Northern Ireland)

This report focuses on the mental health of young people between the ages of 12 and 18 years. We look at some of the more common mental health problems experienced by young people, what influences them and what support young people can draw on if they have a mental health difficulty. This evidence review and the accompanying summary have been produced for front-line practitioners working with young people in different settings – at home, in school or in the community. It is a resource for front-line professionals who come into regular contact with young people as part of their work and who want to have a greater understanding of what some of the risk factors are, to recognise the warning signs, and to determine what they can do to support young people.

We include some key facts and figures on youth mental health in Ireland and Northern Ireland and, in some instances, how they compare with other jurisdictions. We look at some of the factors that influence youth mental health, the risks faced and the opportunities they provide. We consider how best to support positive mental health in young people, and we look at some learning outcomes from research that may be useful for practice. Some key messages are included, based on findings from research, together with some suggestions from experienced practitioners. We also list a number of agencies and organisations which provide specialist training and resources. These are included at the end of this review and are recommended for further reading and follow-up by practitioners.

It is not the intention of this review and summary to equip front-line practitioners with the specialist skills and knowledge they need to deal with the issue of youth mental health. Youth mental health is a complex matter and is subject to influence by a range of factors, from individual personality characteristics through to more structural factors such as poverty. Practitioners should also have good knowledge of local agencies, services and useful networks so that young people can be referred to the support and services they need wherever possible. Not all mental health disorders are discussed within this report; instead, we focus on mental health issues which are emerging as recurring issues for young people in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Front-line practitioners can also play a role in supporting young people who may be struggling with a bereavement as a result of a mental health issue or suicide, and in referring them.

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