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Garcia-Romeu, Albert (2017) Psychedelics as change agents in addiction and mood disorders. In: Society for the Study of Addictions annual conference 2017, 10 November 2017, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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Research on psychedelics has generated renewed interest over the past decade. Recent pilot studies have shown safety and feasibility of psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic, as a therapeutic tool for treating mood and substance use disorders, including tobacco and alcohol addiction. Findings from laboratory research indicate that psychedelics, when administered in a supportive setting, can occasion profound changes in mood, behaviors, and attitudes consistent with enhanced health and well-being. In combination with structured treatment, these substances have the potential to confer long-lasting benefits to carefully screened and well prepared individuals, with limited adverse effects. Preliminary evidence indicates that mystical-type drug effects may be associated with therapeutic outcomes in psilocybin-facilitated addiction treatment, consistent with earlier researchers’ assertions that the subjective effects of psychedelics play a pivotal role in mediating persisting positive drug effects. Psychological insight, changes in personality, changes in beliefs and values, increased motivation, and enhanced self-efficacy are among the factors hypothesized to contribute to efficacy of psychedelic-facilitated treatments. Novel neuroimaging data as well as qualitative investigations have provided additional insights into the potential therapeutic mechanisms of psychedelics.

His presentation focusses on contemporary clinical research with psilocybin, and present key methodological issues in working with psychedelics, as well as highlighting important clinical considerations in studying psychedelics as a therapeutic tool.

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CNS stimulants, New psychoactive substance, Prescription/Over the counter, Behavioural addiction
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Society for the Study for Addiction
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Society for the Study of Addictions annual conference 2017
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Newcastle Upon Tyne
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10 November 2017

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