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United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. (2018) Bulletin on narcotics. Alternative development: practices and reflections. Vienna: United Nations.

PDF (Bulletin on narcotics 2017)

The Bulletin provides information on developments in drug control at the local, national, regional and international levels that can be of benefit to the international community. The present issue of the Bulletin (Vol. LXI, 2017), whose guest editor is Jorrit Kamminga, Senior Fellow, Netherlands Institute of International Relations Clingendael and Strategic Policy Adviser for Afghanistan, Oxfam Novib, is focused on alternative development. It includes five articles that provide important insights and experiences about the current state and future directions of this development-driven drug-control strategy.

• Editorial: the way forward for alternative development by A. Me and J. Kamminga p.1
• Same script, different play: policy implications of the conceptual struggles around alternative development by D. Alimi p.15
• Shared responsibility in alternative development: an ethical challenge by C. Zorro-Sánchez and J. Kamminga. p.49
• The land-drugs nexus: how illicit drug crop cultivation is related to access to land by K. Grimmelmann, J. Espinoza, J. Arnold and N. Arning. P. 75
• Building resilience to opium poppy cultivation by strengthening the design of alternative development interventions: evidence from Afghanistan by J. García-Yi. p. 105
• Integrated development with coca in the Plurinational State of Bolivia: shifting the focus from eradication to poverty alleviation by T. Grisaffi, L. Farthing and K. Ledebur p. 131

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