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Nash, Emily and MacAndrews, Nick and Edwards, Sue (2018) Out of luck. An exploration of the causes and impacts of problem gambling. London: Citizens Advice.

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The latest figures published by the Gambling Commission estimate that there are around 430,000 problem gamblers in Great Britain (GB) with almost 2 million more people being considered ‘at risk’ based on their gambling behaviour.1

The impact of gambling-related harm is varied and wide-reaching. Financial losses, debt, housing problems, relationship breakdown, and decreased mental wellbeing are consistently reported by both gamblers and their families, friends, and co-workers. While action has been taken, and support services provided to help those affected, our research shows that this has not tackled the problem.

As a generalist and holistic advice service, the Citizens Advice service is well-placed to spot the signs and impact of problem gambling. Building on our existing insight we surveyed more than 1,500 people affected by their own gambling, or someone else’s, and interviewed 35 people about their experiences of gambling-related harm.

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