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National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. [NICE] (2007) Drug misuse in over 16s: psychosocial interventions. London: NICE. 38 p. Clinical guideline [CG51]

URL: https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/cg51

This guideline covers using psychosocial interventions to treat adults and young people over 16 who have a problem with or are dependent on opioids, stimulants or cannabis. It aims to reduce illicit drug use and improve people’s physical and mental health, relationships and employment. 

[NICE has also produced guidelines on drug misuse in over 16s: opioid detoxification.] 


This guideline includes recommendations on:

Who is it for? 

  • Healthcare professionals
  • Commissioners and providers
  • People who work in specialist residential and community-based treatment settings
  • People who work in prisons and criminal justice settings
  • Adults and young people over 16 who misuse opioids, stimulants or cannabis and their families and carers

Is this guideline up to date? We checked this guideline in July 2016. We found no new evidence that affects the recommendations in this guideline.

Item Type:Evidence resource
Publication Type:Guideline
Drug Type:Cannabis, CNS stimulants, Cocaine, Opioid
Intervention Type:AOD disorder, AOD disorder drug therapy, AOD disorder treatment method, AOD disorder harm reduction, Psychosocial treatment method, Rehabilitation/Recovery
Pages:38 p.
Corporate Creators:National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
Place of Publication:London
Subjects:B Substances > Cannabis / Marijuana
B Substances > CNS stimulants
B Substances > Cocaine
B Substances > Opioids (opiates)
HJ Treatment method > Psychosocial treatment method
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Treatment and maintenance > Treatment factors
T Demographic characteristics > Young substance user
VA Geographic area > Europe > United Kingdom

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