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Extern. (2017) Pregabalin: Guidance for people working with Pregabalin users. Newtownabbey: Extern.

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Pregabalin is a drug originally used to prevent focal seizures or ‘fits’ in people with epilepsy. It is one of the gabapentinoid family of medicines that also includes Gabapentin. It comes in different strengths from 25mg to 300mg capsules.

Who this booklet is aimed at?
This is primarily for people who work with people who use Pregabalin that is not prescribed to them. However it may also be useful to people who overuse their prescribed amount, people who take Pregabalin that isn’t prescribed for them or for people who care about a Pregabalin user. (If you are under 16 you should only use this booklet with support from a suitably qualified youth worker, social worker or addictions worker.)

Date:July 2017
Pages:20 p.
Corporate Creators:Extern
Place of Publication:Newtownabbey
Notes:Supported by the Public Health Agency, Northern Ireland
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