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Montanari, Linda and Guarita, Bruno and Mounteney, Jane and Zipfel, Nina and Simon, Roland (2017) Cannabis use among people entering drug treatment in Europe: a growing phenomenon? European Addiction Research , 23 , (3) , pp. 113-121.

URL: http://www.karger.com/Article/FullText/475810

This paper explores European and national trends in specialised drug treatment entry for cannabis-related problems. The analysis is based on data for the years 2003-2014 from 22 European countries. Between 2003 and 2014, the overall number and proportion of primary cannabis-related first-time entrants increased significantly. A joinpoint regression analysis indicates that the overall increase of cannabis treatment entries is continuous, although country-related differences are observed. Possible explanations for the increase and different time trends are discussed including an increase in cannabis prevalence and cannabis-related problems, changes in risk perception, increases in cannabis potency, changes in referral practices and increased availability and accessibility of treatment services.

Item Type:Article
Date:17 May 2017
Page Range:pp. 113-121
Subjects:B Drugs and alcohol substances > Cannabis / Marijuana
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Treatment and maintenance > Treatment factors
T Demographic characteristics > Adolescent / youth (teenager / young person)
VA Geographic area > Europe
VA Geographic area > Europe > Ireland

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