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Murphy, Emma Louise (2012) Modelling methadone treatment outcomes for opiate use. PhD thesis, Trinity College Dublin.

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Presented within this thesis are modelling applications for methadone treatment data in Ireland. The primary aim is to aid and inform policy makers and service planners in decisions relating to the provision of methadone services in a time of limited and ever reducing resources. It should always be borne in mind that behind the data and statistics presented here are people at various stages of a journey through addiction, many of whom have children in their care. It is in their best interests to provide the most effective treatment possible. However, taking an economic approach, it is also important to provide cost-effective targeted treatment which maximises treatment outcome. Research findings that aid and inform policy and planners and provide a service for the individual and for society are essential. It is also cost-effective to utilise available drug-treatment data-sets to obtain as much information as possible given the rarity and sensitivity of these data-sets and the enormous resources that can be invested in collecting the information.

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