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The Virtual Expert Network on Alcohol Marketing. (2017) Promoting good health from childhood. Reducing the impact of alcohol marketing on children in Scotland. Glasgow: Alcohol Focus Scotland. 48 p.

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This report has been developed by a virtual expert group on alcohol marketing, established following discussions at the Global Alcohol Policy Conference held in Edinburgh in October 2015. The group was tasked by the then Minister for Public Health, Maureen Watt MSP, to consider the top policy options for a range of areas within advertising and sponsorship, taking into account how such policies might be implemented in Scotland.

Executive Summary p.4
1. Introduction p.9
2. Promoting good health from childhood p.12
3. Nature, extent and reach of contemporary alcohol marketing p.15
4. The influence of alcohol marketing on children and young people p.20
5. Failure of self-regulation of alcohol marketing p.24
6. The way forward: Putting children first p.27
7. Recommendations p.32
• Appendix One: Membership of Virtual Network p.37
• Appendix Two: Support for action to protect children from alcohol marketing p.38
• Appendix Three: Examples of statutory restrictions on alcohol marketing in other European countries p.39
• References p.42

Item Type:Evidence resource
Publication Type:Report
Drug Type:Alcohol
Intervention Type:AOD disorder, AOD prevention, AOD disorder harm reduction
Date:February 2017
Pages:48 p.
Publisher:Alcohol Focus Scotland
Corporate Creators:The Virtual Expert Network on Alcohol Marketing
Place of Publication:Glasgow
Subjects:A Substance use, abuse, and dependence > Prevalence > Substance use behaviour > Alcohol consumption
B Substances > Alcohol
G Health and disease > Public health
MP-MR Policy, planning, economics, work and social services > Marketing and public relations (advertising)
N Communication, information and education > Information use and impact
T Demographic characteristics > Child
T Demographic characteristics > Adolescent / youth (teenager / young person)
VA Geographic area > Europe > United Kingdom > Scotland

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