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Ana Liffey Drug Project. (2016) Community detoxification protocols: benzodiazepines. Dublin: Ana Liffey Drug Project.

PDF (Community detoxification protocols: benzodiazepines) - Published Version

The purpose of these guidelines is to advise on the detoxification of service users in a community setting. The recommendations contained in these guidelines were developed by an expert multi-disciplinary team from within the addiction sector while also taking into consideration the available literature. This document provides support for the treatment of service users who are undergoing detoxification for benzodiazepine dependence. These guidelines are intended to be read by those involved in providing psychosocial and medical support for detoxification in a non-residential treatment setting. These guidelines outline the minimum medical and psychosocial supports which should be provided to an individual engaging in Community Detoxification.

These guidelines aim to:

  1. reduce variation in practice and improve the quality of treatment decisions;
  2. provide professionals with structure and support to improve treatment outcomes;
  3. ensure that community-based detoxes have a medical and psychosocial support structure;
  4. educate health care professionals on the accessibility of community based detoxification;
  5. deliver a convenient treatment option to service users in all areas of the country.

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