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Local Government Association. (2016) Healthy futures: supporting and promoting the health needs of looked after children. London: Local Government Association. 24 p.

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Children can come into our care for a variety of reasons. It may be as a result of neglect or abuse or illness or death in the family. Whatever the reason, it can have a traumatic impact that can last for years. It may be apparent early, or not manifest itself until later – but it is the cause of a much higher rate of emotional and mental health needs than amongst children as a whole. Looked after children and young people also have higher rates of poor physical health, sometimes the consequence of the disruption in their lives. Unless properly identified and supported, these increased needs can contribute greatly to a range of worse outcomes than can persist well into adult life.

Through commissioning of public health services, local councils should ensure they have clear referral pathways into specialist substance misuse services for those young people who are assessed as requiring structured drug and alcohol interventions.

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Date:December 2016
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