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United Kingdom. Office for National Statistics. (2016) Deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales: 2015 registrations. London: Office for National Statistics.

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Table of contents

  1. Main points
  2. Statistician’s quote
  3. Things you need to know
  4. Number of drug-related deaths increase again to highest level recorded
  5. Drug misuse deaths increased significantly in males but remained stable in females
  6. How to interpret data on deaths involving specific substances
  7. Deaths involving substances that are commonly abused
  8. Over half of drug deaths involve an opioid
  9. Deaths involving heroin and/or morphine doubled in the last 3 years and are now the highest on record
  10. Deaths involving tramadol fell for the first time
  11. Cocaine-related deaths reach an all time high
  12. Amphetamine deaths (including ecstasy) continue to climb
  13. Deaths involving new psychoactive substances (so called “legal highs”) increase again in 2015
  14. Diazepam deaths remain stable in 2015
  15. Deaths involving medicinal substances
  16. Paracetamol-related deaths remain stable in 2015
  17. Deaths involving zopiclone and zolpidem fall slightly in 2015
  18. Deaths involving antidepressants go down in 2015
  19. Deaths involving antipsychotics decrease by 20% in 2015
  20. Propranolol deaths continue to rise
  21. People aged 30 to 49 have the highest rate of drug misuse deaths
  22. North East had the highest drug misuse mortality rate in England in 2015
  23. Comparisons with other countries
  24. Most drug misuse deaths are accidental poisonings
  25. Impact of registration delays on drug misuse deaths
  26. Links to related ONS information
  27. Quality and methodology
  28. References
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Date:September 2016
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