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HSE Mental Health Division. (2016) Report on the Listening Meetings. Dublin: Health Service Executive.

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Listening Meetings represented one of the largest consultations ever undertaken by the HSE's Mental Health Division with service users, family members and carers. This focused on what we were doing well as a Division and what areas required improvement. In 2014 a team from the Mental Health Division held open forums across the country, seeking the views of 1,100 people.

Themes Identified from the Listening Meetings
Theme 1 Developing respectful and empathetic relationships p.10
Theme 2 Service user, family and carer involvement p.14
Theme 3 Challenging societal attitudes p.20
Theme 4 Providing continuity of care and supporting people in their recovery p.24
Theme 5 Providing specialist services p.28
Theme 6 Accessing helpful information p.32
Theme 7 Peer support p.36
Theme 8 Providing the full range of interventions p.40
Theme 9 Access to out-of-hours care p.46
Theme 10 Avenues for assessment and admission p.50

Date:March 2016
Pages:55 p.
Publisher:Health Service Executive
Corporate Creators:HSE Mental Health Division
Place of Publication:Dublin
Subjects:G Health and disease > State of health > Mental health
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Care by type of problem > Mental health care
J Health care, prevention and rehabilitation > Health care delivery
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