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O Reilly, David and Thomas, Mathew and Moylett, Edina (2015) Cough, codeine and confusion. BMJ Case Reports , Online .

Codeine is widely prescribed in clinical practice with over the counter (OTC) preparations of codeine freely available for consumption typically as a component of remedies for the common cold/cough. We describe the first reported case of acute confusional state in a previously healthy 14-year-old girl ultimately attributed to inappropriate codeine use. The usage of codeine in the paediatric setting has been highlighted in recent years with many reported deaths-mostly due to respiratory depression. The risks associated with codeine usage may be particularly unnecessary with OTC cough suppressants as evidence of efficacy is absent. Finally, codeine dependence is a common problem among adults and has been reported locally and internationally among adolescents. The combination of lack of efficacy, risk of acute intoxication and dependence, suggests that the use of OTC codeine preparations may be unwarranted.

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