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McMonagle, Helen and Hogan, Mark and Morrissey, Anne Marie and Mills, Fiona and McMonagle, Caroline and Tolan, Sinead and O Domhnaill, Sean and Butler, Mary (2015) Alcohol-related brain injury a guide for professionals. Letterkenny: Alcohol forum.

PDF (Alcohol-related brain injury a guide for professionals)

Our over-arching aim of this guide is to improve the overall quality of care individuals with Alcohol- Related Brain Injury (ARBI) receive during their contact with services. By encouraging a chain of intra and inter-professional dialogue around ARBI we hope to cultivate a multi-disciplinary cross-tier approach to the identification, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of this disorder.

Pages:11 p.
Publisher:Alcohol forum
Place of Publication:Letterkenny
Notes:Please contact the Alcohol Forum for full guide info@alcoholforum.org
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B Substances > Alcohol
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G Health and disease > Substance related disorder
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