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Child Care Law Reporting Project. (2015) Child Care Law Reporting Project: case histories 2015 volume 1. Dublin: Child Care Law Reporting Project.

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The Child Care Law Reporting Project was established to examine and report on child care proceedings in the courts.

In this volume we focus on a special category of child care cases, those involving children who must be cared for in a secure unit in order to receive the therapy they need. These are children with severe problems, who require to be detained for their own protection. They may be suicidal or self-harming, or engaging in such anti-social behaviour as to be a threat to others. Because they have not be convicted on any criminal offence, the power to detain them is only vested in the High Court, and their detention must be regularly and frequently reviewed to verify that it is still required, so they come before this court on a regular basis, on what is known as the “Minors’ List”, heard every Thursday.

As in previous volumes, a number of cases involved the children of parents who were abusing drugs, alcohol or both. Some had been in care themselves. These included a case where an infant was found in a car on a cold night with two adults who were about to smoke heroin, and where the child had a gash to his neck he said was caused by his father.

  1. Bed in secure care created for at-risk minor following several hearings
  2. No secure place for Boys Town teenager returned to Ireland
  3. Three teenagers attempted self-harm while under review in High Court
  4. High Court hears boy cannot return to Ireland because of lack of services
  5. Care Order until 18 for child whose father offered to abuse her online
  6. High Court rules infant must return to parents’ jurisdiction for care proceedings
  7. High Court accepts transfer of infant to Ireland
  8. Interim Care Order renewed pending High Court application
  9. Supervision Order for baby discharged after a year
  10. Social worker can apply for naturalisation for non-national girl
  11. Interim Care Order for baby found at night in car
  12. Full Care Orders for three children following shorter orders
  13. Fears for child leaving care
  14. Care Order granted for child of drug addicts
  15. Care order for mother with mental age of a ten year old
  16. Care Orders for children whose parents could not be located
  17. Written judgement outlines proportionate basis for orders
  18. Increased access for grandmother
  19. Judge to speak to girl who kept absconding from care
  20. Care Orders granted for children in relatives’ care
  21. Supervision Order granted for two children amid concerns about school
  22. Serious concern for absconding teenager whose mother died
  23. Access reduced for mother of “very troubled little boy”
  24. Interim Care Order to permit psychiatric assessment in another jurisdiction
  25. Reasons for Care Orders for African children given after 40-day hearing
  26. Orders granted for teenage African girl
  27. Foster parents denied funding for treatment
  28. Care extended for baby of former child in care
  29. Solicitors for young people in care present their cases
  30. Pre-Christmas applications in District Court list
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