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Ulster University. O’Neill, Siobhan and Armour, Cherie and Bolton, David and Bunting, Brendan and Corry, Colette and Devine, Barney and Ennis, Edel and Ferry, Finola and McKenna, Aine and McLafferty, Margaret and Murphy, Sam (2015) Towards a better future: the trans-generational impact of the Troubles on mental health. Belfast: Commission for Victims and Survivors.

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• Chapter 1: The impact of the conflict’s legacy on children in Northern Ireland: A review of the research 27
• Chapter 2: The impact of the conflict’s legacy on early years’ development of children and young people 36
• Chapter 3: Latent profiles of childhood adversity, exposure to Troubles/ conflict related trauma and mental health disorders in the Northern Ireland population 50
• Chapter 4: Trans-generational trauma in Northern Ireland: Results from the Northern Ireland Study of Health and Stress 60
• Chapter 5: The impact of the legacy of the Troubles on suicidal behaviour 68
• Chapter 6: Treating trans-generational trauma and building resilience among young people in Northern Ireland 80
• Chapter 7: A survey of organisations in Northern Ireland concerned and working with the trans-generational impact of the Troubles on children and young people 93

At a societal level the research provided evidence that identified the following key findings:
• The majority of people who experienced traumatic events and violence are not adversely affected in the long term;
• However a group of people have developed problems including mental disorders which have impacted on their functioning at family and community levels. The most recent figures estimate that this group represents around 14% of the adult population;
• Alcohol and other drugs are commonly used among those adversely affected by the Troubles;
• Economic deprivation constitutes an additional stressor which in turn impacts negatively on mental and general health; and
• The political and social divisions in Northern Ireland impact upon social integration and are associated with sectarianism and increasingly racism, homophobia and “hate crime”.

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