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Iqbal, Nauman and McCambridge, Orlagh and Edgar, Lauren and Young, Ciara and Shorter, Gillian W (2015) Health-care professionals' attitudes across different hospital departments regarding alcohol-related presentations. Drug and Alcohol Review , 34 , (5) , pp. 487-494.

Attitudes to individuals presenting with alcohol-related issues are important in developing therapeutic relationships and applying alcohol-related interventions. This study explores staff attitudes to these individuals across a range of roles and departments.

Data were gathered from 204 staff in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland. Regression models were used to predict attitudes as measured by the Short Alcohol and Alcohol Problems Perception Questionnaire (SAAPPQ).

Two hundred and four people participated in the study. The sample comprised doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and other staff who had face-to-face contact with patients. Staff worked in accident and emergency (A&E), medical, surgical, addiction or psychiatry departments. Staff working in addiction and psychiatry departments had significantly higher levels of role adequacy compared with those in A&E. Staff in addictions also demonstrated higher levels of role legitimacy, motivation and role satisfaction than those in A&E. Doctors had higher role adequacy and role legitimacy than nursing staff.

There are critical differences in staff attitudes to patients presenting with alcohol-related issues in a range of hospital settings; training and working in a specialist setting have a significant positive influence on staff attitudes. This suggests that further training and support would positively enhance the attitudes of staff in a variety of professional roles and across a range of hospital settings in the management of patients presenting with alcohol-related difficulties.

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