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Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency. (2014) Northern Ireland road safety monitor. Annual report 2014. London: Department of the Environment.

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Report on the main findings of the Road Safety module which is carried out as part of the annual Northern Ireland Omnibus Survey. The module covers behaviour, attitudes and awareness of road safety issues among the general public in Northern Ireland.

Selected key points:
• Respondents perceived the three most important factors in causing injuries or deaths on our roads as people speeding (78 per cent), carelessness on the roads (59 per cent) and people driving after drinking (53 per cent). Speeding continues to be perceived as the main causation of road deaths and injuries year on year even though the latest PSNI road casualty statistics show that ‘inattention or attention diverted’ to be the principal causation factor.
• Over three-quarters (76 per cent) of drivers who drink alcohol said that they would not drive after having consumed one drink such as a pint of beer, a glass of wine, or a measurement of spirits, this is similar to levels report in 2013 (78 per cent).
• Almost half (49 per cent) of those interviewed stated they would travel as a passenger in a car in which the driver has had one alcoholic drink. When respondents were asked if it was acceptable to take one drink and drive, 61 per cent said ‘No’.
• The majority (83 per cent) of respondents surveyed agreed that the police should be able to stop people at random and breathalyse them for driving under the influence of alcohol which is similar to the response in 2013 (85 per cent).
• Nearly nine out of ten (86 per cent) respondents thought drink driving was a situation when police should have the power to seize a vehicle, this was followed by drug driving (78 per cent).

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