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Ana Liffey Drug Project. (2014) What is PMA / PMMA? Dublin: drugs.ie.

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PMA (Paramethoxyamphetamine) and PMMA (Paramethoxymethamphetamine) are stimulants with hallucinogenic effects similar to MDMA. However, they are toxic at lower doses than MDMA and can also take longer to take effect. After the intake of a small amount of PMA/PMMA, blood pressure and body temperature rise steeply. The effects can feel similar to MDMA, although less euphoric. Larger doses can lead to coma and death.

Why should I know about PMA / PMMA?
It’s always safest not to take drugs, but if you are going to take, or are planning to take ecstasy, you should know about PMA/PMMA. A number of pills recently sold as ecstasy were tested and found to contain PMA/PMMA. PMA/PMMA is similar to MDMA (the active substance in ecstasy) but can kill at lower doses as it is more poisonous. These drugs have been implicated in a number of hospitalisations and deaths. A number of people have died and their symptoms included one or more of the following: extremely high body temperature; very rapid heart rate; difficulties breathing or stopping breathing; and convulsions (fitting). Each of them thought that they were taking ecstasy and consumed several PMA/PMMA pills, assuming it to be poor quality MDMA.

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